Have you ever wanted to talk directly to God? What do you think He would say to you? Author Jada McClintick tackles these very questions through honest and vulnerable storytelling and a lot of self-deprecating humor. Be prepared to laugh and cry as you relate to situations that all women face.
ISBN10: 1400328640
ISBN13: 9781400328642
Number Of Pages: 164
Publication Date: 20200114
Publisher: ThomasNelson
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9781400328642
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God has something to say to his daughters. That He will always love them . . . no matter what. In 54:10 author Jada McClintick delivers this message while taking the reader through stories of her own life. Filled with both humor and heartbreak, McClintick makes herself relatable to every woman by the vulnerability and transparency with which she describes some of her choices and mistakes and the lessons she learned, as well as her boldness in her proclamation of faith and her love of God. But the real journey isn’t in the stories themselves but in the conversations that she had with God about those stories. McClintick shares with the reader the verbatim dialog between herself and God as she was experiencing various events in her life as well as reflecting on them later. God’s love is evidenced throughout each conversation and story. His grace and mercy are reflected in the words spoken back and forth between the two. Have you ever wondered what God would say to you? 54:10 urges the reader to have their own dialog with God and displays the ease with which the author communicates with her Heavenly Father. The overarching message of the text comes through clearly as the abundant, overwhelming, never-ending, and unshakable love that God has for his girls.