All About Nigeria - A Monster Created by Great Britain

ISBN10: 1849637342
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Number Of Pages: 275
Publication Date: 20151031
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
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Nigeria was created in 1914 during the notorious scramble for Africa immediately following the slave trade. It was formed by forcibly merging 250 disparate and conquered communities. On independence in 1960 the British Government handed power to the North as a bulwark against the apparent spread of communist ideas in the South.
In this book, Aliyi Ekineh examines the resulting years of strife and civil war between the oil-rich Christian South and the Islamic North, which have plagued the country since the merger, and calls for a separation of north from south, voicing the opinion that the Islamic and Christian communities cannot co-exist in the one country that is the ‘monster Nigeria', wishing for the South to become a federation of states in its own right, along the lines of the USA or the European Community.