Come Listen To My Song

ISBN10: 1785544098
ISBN13: 9781785544095
Number Of Pages: 238
Publication Date: 20161230
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9781785544095

Come Listen to my Song, by Jeremy Dale, is a wonderful collection of short stories based on traditional British folk songs. They have been given a unique twist that will appeal to a new generation who may never have encountered this part of British heritage by placing them in today's society. 
Each of these stories hasn't so much been written but carefully handcrafted by the author. He has given these old folk songs a new life by giving them a personal touch that will resonate with many of us. They are joyous and tragic by turns that will touch the heart.
They are beautifully written and a real pleasure to read, for anyone who has an interest in a largely unknown music scene or indeed an appreciation for Great British heritage this is well worth the turning of the page.