50 Fish to Catch before You Die

A stunning illustrated book for anglers, exploring 50 of the world's most amazing and challenging fish.

ISBN10: 1580114318
ISBN13: 9781580114318
Number Of Pages: 224
Publication Date: 20081001
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9781580114318
Aimed at the practical and armchair angler alike, this stunning illustrated title lists and explores 50 of the world's of most amazing and challenging fish, offering an insight into each variety and revealing the skills and techniques required to catch them.

Each of the 50 fish entries, which range from Mackerel and Shark to Salmon, Tuna, and Mahseer, includes: an introduction to its behavior and personality; statistics and general information relating to the catch; a description of the setting and location where the fish can be found; practical advice and tips as well as details of the author's own experiences of catching the fish.
Multilayered in its scope and as much an aspirational travelogue as a practical manual, this global exploration covers the world's best fishing in all forms of the sport--including still and running freshwater, estuaries, coastlines, and open sea. A treasure trove of information and angling excitement 50 Fish to Catch before You Die includes the histories of each fish, invaluable angling advice, and top guide tips, as well as firsthand accounts of the author John Bailey's experiences of reeling them in.
Written by John Bailey, a celebrated and highly respected author, who has fished in over 60 countries and for thousands of species, the true hook of this title is its fresh and unique approach to a popular pastime, which will appeal as much to the experienced fishermen, who may have already netted a number of the fish, as it will to those new to the sport and who have dreams of catching them all.