Flip of a coin

ISBN10: 1786121115
ISBN13: 9781786121110
Number Of Pages: 302
Publication Date: 20161031
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9781786121110

One cold and rainy night, a teenage girl escapes the grips of her abusive, drug-dealing boyfriend. Alone and in utter despair she stumbles across the local branch of the SAMARITANS, one place she thinks might give her help. With her spirits lifted and acts of kindness from some unlikely people, she transforms, like the flip of a coin, from a suicidal and hopeless adolescent into a young woman refusing to be cowed by setbacks but determined to make something of her life. But just as her life is beginning to turn around, she finds that escaping her past is no easy task. When her ex and his cronies begin carrying out violent acts of revenge to punish her, she knows she must fight back in any way she can. The coin spins again, but which way will it end up in this tale of love, survival and revenge?