1001 Illustrations That Connect

Here are 1001 of the best illustrations assembled by the editors of Christianity Today’s PreachingToday.com. They’re contemporary, proven, memorable, and illuminating---these illustrations will preach! Furthermore, they’re carefully arranged and indexed so it’s easy to find the right one. An included CD-ROM makes getting the illustration into your sermon or lesson a breeze.
ISBN10: 0310280370
ISBN13: 9780310280378
Number Of Pages: 576
Publication Date: 20080908
Publisher: Zondervan
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9780310280378
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Every preacher, teacher, or writer knows the value of a good illustration in helping connect the truth of the passage with the congregation or class—and how hard it is to come up with good illustrations week after week. This book contains the cream of the crop: 1001 illustrations carefully selected from among thousands on Christianity Today International’s popular website PreachingToday.com. These illustrations are proven, memorable, and illuminating. As the saying goes, they will preach! And they’re fresh, all written within the past seven years. Of course the best illustrations are no good if you can’t find the right one. These illustrations have been arranged according to twelve master topics, each divided into several subtopics. Further, they’ve been indexed according both to Bible references and to 500 keywords. A searchable CD-ROM is included, allowing you to get the illustration into your lesson or sermon with ease.