Path of Least Resistance

ISBN10: 1786294087
ISBN13: 9781786294081
Number Of Pages: 59
Publication Date: 20161230
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781786294081

An indictment of the world's banking systems and the grip they have on us all. Kenneth Dutton has presented an argument which states that, ‘The international banking cartel aims to make the entire world wage slaves as it pushes daily for one world government.' His view is that the principal holders of wealth have manipulated world events, in order to control by wealth. Cases are cited where assassinations or murders have taken place to protect the activities of such families, with the involvement of leading politicians and other public figures. In order to control international finance, this argument claims that the Federal Reserve has successfully counterfeited billions of dollars in plain view of the American public and that this stock has been, and always will be, held by a handful of families who own the central bank. His bleak forecast as to the future of America, if this continues, makes interesting reading.