The Dying Wish of Private James Thompson and Other Erotic Tales

ISBN10: 1786125994
ISBN13: 9781786125996
Number Of Pages: 268
Publication Date: 20161031
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781786125996
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"Don't panic just relax," whispers Red, "Just go with it, it's this stupid war it makes us all do crazy things." This is the seductive advice for Scarlet in The Air Raid, and it could just, be the theme for this entire short story collection.
From boardrooms to air raid shelters, from highwaymen to prohibition era Detroit, from the trenches of the First World war to the seedy world of gangland London in the 1960s, Scarlet Kiss and her cast of lovers indulge in their erotic adventures in pursuit of hedonism.
So turn off your phone , light some candles, hide yourself away with the sin of your choice, let your imagination run free and enjoy . . . it will be a long night.