The Shimmering

ISBN10: 1785540106
ISBN13: 9781785540103
Number Of Pages: 441
Publication Date: 20161031
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9781785540103
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While walking his dog one evening, Robin's whole world is changed without warning. He encounters a man, who gives Robin such extreme power, that his life takes on an entirely new purpose. Elected as leader of Earth Corporation, the most powerful association on earth, Robin is asked to devote himself to protecting the globe. Poverty, global warming and corruption must be all be eradicated, and with his now unlimited resources, Robin is in a position to tackle them. However, his task is far from easy. Robin and his family quickly become the target of some of the most dangerous and influential people in the world. In battling to save the globe from a catastrophic fate, Robin is placing those he loves in danger. Although human efforts are not enough, Earth Corporation has some extraordinary powers, such as the shimmering, that just might save him...