ISBN10: 178554716X
ISBN13: 9781785547164
Number Of Pages: 455
Publication Date: 20161230
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9781785547164

The WOW is the story of Billbo and the extraordinary relationship he shares with his human mum, Pop. He loves his mum and she most certainly loves him.
One day, while snoozing in the garden Billbo hears a voice telling him that he must go into the woods. Billbo sets off at a great rate followed by Pop in hot pursuit. They soon find themselves falling, falling...
When they recover Billbo can talk and Pop has diminished in size; they are now equal and the two friends embark on an amazing adventure, strengthening the bond between them as they share their thoughts and feelings. A loving bond that can never be broken. After spending time with The Watchers and exploring the Land of Fascination they are guided to meet the Spirit Clan of the mysterious Anasazi tribe. They reveal that Pop and Billbo are the Chosen Ones and a mission to find a precious artefact awaits them.