United Nations Frontier Service 1: The Story of Mars Colony

ISBN10: 1784558540
ISBN13: 9781784558543
Number Of Pages: 196
Publication Date: 20151031
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781784558543

Six young men and women, probably the most intelligent, educated, brightest and fittest people in the world take on the challenge of building a Martian colony. Can they succeed?
2008: Earth is over-populated and recovering from mass pollution caused by excessive de-forestation. The result is an unreliable climate, leading to droughts that has caused food shortages not seen since the 1940s. Energy use has been restricted to preserve stocks. This has caused Arab states to become disgruntled. With UN funding, Russia and the USA have succeeded in building earth-orbiting and moon-orbiting stations and colonised the moon. Next stop, Mars.
Ken, Ivan, Jack, Wendy, Michelle and Jane, all graduates of the United Nations Frontier Academy, have skills ranging from Nuclear Physics through to Witch Doctoring. They have been selected to colonise Mars. 
Do they have the skills and the ability to triumph, or will Mars be unconquerable?