We Take Care Of Our Own

ISBN10: 1786127156
ISBN13: 9781786127150
Number Of Pages: 346
Publication Date: 20161230
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9781786127150
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With a roster of tangible and rich characters, Jeff Rider presents a tale of tragedy, comedy, suspense and intrigue in a New England setting. In We Take Care of Our Own, we learn of the everyday interplay between good and evil via an interwoven narration of an advertising executive and other Bostonians. Through the characters' eyes, monumental historical events are touched on, such as the 9/11 attacks, the surge of the Internet, recent elections and the stock market collapse. Spanning from the nineties to the two thousands, champions and underdogs fight an archfiend bent on their downfall.

We Take Care of Our Own is an enjoyable and fast flowing plot that is difficult to put down. With perfect doses of wit, ample examples of irony, delicate allusions of truth, and honest references to the socioeconomic factors of politics, Rider not only tells an intoxicating story of the good versus evil in the world; he also stabs the reader's soul with deep questions and dilemmas with notions such as greed, love, revenge, charity and fear.