A Pastor Prays for His People

ISBN10: 1414339089
ISBN13: 9781414339085
Publication Date: 20101001
Publisher: Tyndale
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781414339085
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From pastor Wendell C. Hawley comes a timeless collection of prayers to bring you—and your church—closer to God. Drawing upon years of experience shepherding a congregation, he offers eloquent prayers to help the people of God bring their unique joys and struggles, problems and praises, before the throne. A Pastor Prays for His People contains a year’s worth of wise, thoughtful, and loving prayers for Sundays and special occasions (including holidays, weddings, funerals, children’s services, and church meetings). Whether you pray in public on a regular basis or simply want to deepen your private prayers for the church, A Pastor Prays for His People will help you share the gift of prayer with others.