Audubon Nature: A Birder's Wall Calendar 2018

ISBN10: 1523500697
ISBN13: 9781523500697
Number Of Pages: 28
Publication Date: 20170720
Publisher: Workman
Binding: Calendar
SKU: 9781523500697
Audubon Nature is the definitive wall calendar for nature lovers, birders, environmentalists, and travel enthusiasts alike. Here are glorious sites in nature—and the birds that inhabit them—across seasons and locales. Discover the beauty of a Trumpeter Swan gliding in Wonder Lake, Denali National Park. Behold the amazing Dalmatian Pelicans at Lake Kerkini, Greece. Take a peek at the secretive Northern Goshawk sitting among aspens in Dixie National Forest, Utah. Printed on responsibly sourced paper, this wall calendar provides transporting and awe-inspiring views of the great outdoors.