Coping With Your Partner's Jealousy

This book will help readers identify their partner's personal jealousy triggers, and learn proven-effective methods for addressing the root cause, ultimately fostering healthy communication and shared intimacy.

ISBN10: 1572243686
ISBN13: 9781572243682
Number Of Pages: 168
Publication Date: 20040715
Publisher: NewHarbinger
Binding: Paperback
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Statisticians report that as many as two of every three married couples have at least one incident of spousal battery in their history; the number one motivation for these attacks is the jealousy of one partner. Whether motivated by a desire for power, attention, control, or affection, feelings of jealousy often lead to moments of emotional or physical violence that can cripple and destroy a relationship.

In this, the first book ever written specifically to partners of jealous people, a professional counselor offers a series of assessments designed to help you reflect on personality traits that contribute to jealousy, both in yourself and in your partner. The book contains exercises and strategies that will help those involved in repairable relationships identify the triggers that provoke jealous reactions in their partners. Techniques for effective boundary-setting, enhanced communication, and deepened intimacy give you the tools you need to work through periods of jealous reaction.