I Am That I Am

In the fall of 1981, author Francis Bennett joined a Trappist monastery with the “lofty goal of becoming a joyful saint like St. Francis of Assisi, or at least a modern mystic like my hero, Thomas Merton.” But it was only in letting go of how he thought things should be—and in surrendering his identification with a false, separate sense of self—that he found what he’d truly been seeking. In I Am That I Am, Bennett details his own spiritual journey with a unique freshness and humanity that combines Christian mysticism, Buddhism, and Advaita Vedanta or non-duality teachings to help readers find joy in the present moment and in themselves.
ISBN10: 1908664290
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Number Of Pages: 152
Publication Date: 20130408
Publisher: NewHarbinger
Binding: Paperback
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“Do read this book if you are seeking. It keeps it simple, yet utterly profound.”—Scott Kiloby, author of Love’s Quiet Revolution

I Am That I Am began as a journal, written at the suggestion of author Francis Bennett’s spiritual director. It was intended to help Francis clarify and explore the shift in perception that had occurred to him—not only for his own sake, but for those who might seek his spiritual guidance in the future.

This deceptively simple book brings a unique freshness and humanity to the meeting of Christianity with Eastern investigation of the nature of the self. As Francis says, “Who I am is happiness and bliss ... don’t take my word for any of this. You can experiment with this on your own and discover for yourself whether or not these claims are true. This little book may be able to assist you in conducting just such an experiment in your own life. That is certainly my hope in writing it.”