21st Century Psalms

ISBN10: 191004816X
ISBN13: 9781910048160
Number Of Pages: 96
Publication Date: 20160228
Publisher: IPG
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781910048160
21st Century Psalms is a beautiful collection of writings including heartfelt prayers, conversations with God, and lessons learned firsthand from the Holy Spirit.
This book is beautifully reminiscent of David, the psalmist.
When embracing open, two-way communication and sweet fellowship with your awesome God, He reveals Himself in incomprehensible ways. Each psalm exposes the brilliance of His majesty and you realize that He will be to you what you need Him to be—Warrior, Comforter, Defender, Prince of Peace, Avenger, Redeemer. “I found these psalms a sublime treasury of insights and God-sightings, bringing smiles, solace, and serious contemplation”. –Pastor Joe Ibojie, Publisher, Cross House Books
Experiencing the beauty of sincere conversation with your Maker is the beginning of fulfilling the purpose for which you were born. May you enjoy your daily walk with Him!