Sommers, Jaime

Bisexuality is likely to be one of the next big issues to face the Church, in a culture that can live with diversity, only so long as it fits neatly into a few distinct categories. 119 is the first book to present the honest experiences of a Christian woman who identifies as bisexual; it will shine a light on the struggles faced by a minority group within the Church community and encourage understanding as well as reinforce the need for inclusivity.

ISBN10: 0232532575
ISBN13: 9780232532579
Number Of Pages: 160
Publication Date: 20170401
Publisher: IPG
Binding: Paperback
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As a bisexual Christian woman, happily and faithfully married to a man, a mother of three children and with a blossoming ministry as a preacher, Jaime Sommers had always felt as if her true self did not really exist in the eyes of the Church. She could find neither theology nor pastoral support for a person who felt the need for physical closeness with both sexes in order to feel well or ‘whole’. Following a brief, isolated incident in which Jaime kissed another woman, the full extent of the Church’s inability to acknowledge or understand her identity became apparent. The disciplinary process to which she was subjected led to her suffering depression and anxiety and feelings of isolation. Jaime’s powerful and emotive story reveals the failure of the Church – and of large parts of wider culture and society – to recognise and support the experience and needs of those who identify as the silent ‘B’ in LGBT.