365 Dogs Page-A-Day Calendar 2010

ISBN10: 0761153136
ISBN13: 9780761153139
Number Of Pages: 320
Publication Date: 20090730
Publisher: Workman
Binding: Calendar
SKU: 9780761153139
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Bring on the dogs! Starring the hundreds of lovable winners of the 2009 Dog Calendar Contest, 365 Dogs leads the pack in cuteness and pure huggability. So many sweet furry faces to fall in love with! There are athletic Labs at full gallop. Beagles with their irresistibly floppy ears. Goofy Pugs even goofier in silly outfits. Plus dignified huskies, myriad mutts, endlessly energetic terriers, and lots of lesser-known breeds, such as the Spinone Italiano. Accompanying the daily photos are canine health and care tips, quotes, breed facts, trivia, and lore.