200,000 Heroes

ISBN10: 1555716989
ISBN13: 9781555716981
Number Of Pages: 244
Publication Date: 20111201
Publisher: IPG
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781555716981
Italy, July 1944. The unendurable insult to Italy?s inherently genial way of life brought about by Hitler?s storm-troopers and Mussolini?s Fascist toadies was both taking its toll on the people of Italy and creating a fledgling underground Resistance movement whose heroic ranks would soon swell to nearly 200,000 brave men and women. Author Leon Weckstein was there--an American GI in combat fighting with and befriending the Partisans. Here is the story, as told through eye-witness accounts and carefully researched historical archives, of the Italian Partisans and their American OSS allies? battle to destroy the Nazi-Fascist regime and expel the culprits from their beloved Italy.