50 Hikes with Kids

Not just an outdoor guide book, 50 Hikes with Kids will help busy, modern families nurture a life-long appreciation and reverence for the natural world. 
ISBN10: 1604698004
ISBN13: 9781604698008
Number Of Pages: 280
Publication Date: 20180403
Publisher: Workman
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781604698008
Winner of the 2018 National Outdoor Book Award, Children’s Category

Handcrafted for Northwest parents, educators, and caregivers that want to spark a love of nature, 50 Hikes with Kids highlights the most kid-friendly hikes in Oregon and Washington. These hikes are perfect for little legs—they are all under four miles and have an elevation gain of 900 feet of less. Some are even accessible by stroller. Every entry includes the essential details: easy-to-read, trustworthy directions; a detailed map; hike length and elevation gain; bathroom access; and where to grab a bite to eat nearby. Full-color photographs highlight the fun things to see along the trail.