365 New Words-A-Year Page-A-Day Calendar 2020

ISBN10: 1523506539
ISBN13: 9781523506538
Number Of Pages: 320
Publication Date: 20190723
Publisher: Workman
Binding: Calendar
SKU: 9781523506538
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A joyful year of language for word nerds, crossword and Scrabble buffs, and vocabulary builders of all ages.
For word lovers, writers, crossword puzzle addicts, obsessive readers, and Words with Friends fans, 365 New Words-A-Year is the essential calendar from the editors of Merriam-Webster. The bestselling word calendar is packed with macaronic words (schadenfreude: enjoyment obtained from the trouble of others), hobbyist words (spelunker: one who makes a hobby of exploring caves), melodic words (tintinnabulation: a jingling sound from bells), and more. Each entry includes a definition, pronunciation guide, sample sentence, and notes on word origin and history on the back of each page.