1,000 Places to See Before You Die Calendar 2011

ISBN10: 0761158057
ISBN13: 9780761158059
Number Of Pages: 28
Publication Date: 20100615
Publisher: Workman
Binding: Calendar
SKU: 9780761158059
The Picture-A-Day travel calendar—from Patricia Schultz, author of the New York Times #1 bestselling book—1,000 Places to See Before You Die indulges your wanderlust and passion for adventure with a fabulous itinerary-in-pictures every month. Set out on South America's greatest road trip: Argentina's Route 40, which leads to 20 national parks and five World Heritage Sites. Explore the rich cultures and ethnic diversity of India's Land of the Rajputs. Discover the charming towns of Cape Cod, China's time-locked Yunnan Province, and the idyllic islands of French Polynesia. The full-color spreads feature a large photo at the top of the page, a map, description, and highlights, plus dozens of small images in the grid below.