365 Pocket Devotions

ISBN10: 141438789X
ISBN13: 9781414387895
Publication Date: 20131001
Publisher: Tyndale
Binding: Leather / fine binding
SKU: 9781414387895
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Learn to walk more closely with God each passing day! 365 Pocket Devotions is a convenient, easy-to-carry, quick-access book containing daily reflections on topics like trusting God, making wise choices, and loving others. Each day begins with an inspirational, thought-provoking reading and ends with a promise from Scripture. A new edition in the popular 365 Pocket series that has touched so many lives, 365 Pocket Devotions is created specifically for those who want daily devotional time with God. (Adapted from the perennial favorites The One Year At His Feet Devotional and The One Year Walk with God Devotional.)