365 Pocket Promises from the Bible

ISBN10: 1414369867
ISBN13: 9781414369860
Publication Date: 20121001
Publisher: Tyndale
Binding: Leather / fine binding
SKU: 9781414369860
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Experience the power of God's promises every day of the year! When you begin your day with a promise from the Bible you'll be inspired to live your life with God at the center of everything you do. You will learn to lean on him and trust in him no matter what life throws at you. This unique book presents more than 365 of these incredible promises from scripture; and a devotional thought for the day to help you focus on God, his love for you, and his plan for your life. Each reading is followed with a question to encourage and motivate you to trust that each of God's promises is meant especially for you. Are you ready to see what God can do through his promises?