308 Really Bad Jokes + 57 Hilarious Puns 2015 Page-A-Day Calendar

ISBN10: 0761180648
ISBN13: 9780761180647
Number Of Pages: 320
Publication Date: 20140721
Publisher: Workman
Binding: Calendar
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What did the chickpea say when she had a stomachache? I falafel.

Celebrating 35 years of guffaws, groans, and belly laughs! Now boasting a brand-new name, 308 Really Bad Jokes + 57 Hilarious Puns delivers a year of jokes that are so bad, they’re hilarious. Packed with lawyer jokes, knock-knocks, doctor jokes, guy-walks-into-a-bar jokes, and more, it’s family-friendly fun. How many police officers does it take to change a lightbulb? None. It always turns itself in.