101 Verses that Stick for Kids based on the NIV Adventure Bible

Designed with the same fun look as the popular Adventure Bible, these sticky note verses are a cool way for kids to be encouraged and share their faith at home or school. 101 Verses that Stick for Kids is perfect for kids to stick in their lockers or rooms.
ISBN10: 0310728991
ISBN13: 9780310728993
Number Of Pages: 112
Publication Date: 20120624
Publisher: Zondervan
Binding: Other printed item
SKU: 9780310728993
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101 Verses That Stick for Kids is a great way to be encouraged daily from God’s Word, decorate your locker or room, or encourage others. Designed after the bestselling Adventure Bible, each Scripture passage sticky note is easy and fun to post wherever you want or share with a friend. The magnet on the back of the stack keeps the verses close at hand on any magnetic surface such as a locker or refrigerator. For a complete Bible written and designed just for you, check out the Adventure Bible.