25 Walks in Myanmar

ISBN10: 0804844496
ISBN13: 9780804844499
Number Of Pages: 372
Publication Date: 20170207
Publisher: Tuttle
Binding: Paperback
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Explore the important heritage attractions and historical sites of Myanmar on foot!

Myanmar, also called Burma, is one of Asia's least-known destinations—a situation that is rapidly changing now as the country welcomes increasing numbers of foreign visitors. This is the first walking guide to present all the important heritage attractions and historical sites in the country. Author Kenneth Barrett not only takes you there, but explains in loving detail how each district and building evolved, who built what, and the special significance of the fascinating sites encountered along the way—everything you'd want in a Myanmar travel guide.

25 Walks in Myanmar helps you discover this ancient land by guiding you on foot through the old neighborhoods and bringing them to life. The works of great Burmese kings, the grand trading houses and colonial offices built by the British, the temples and mosques erected by Indian and Chinese traders—all are preserved in this time-locked land, and each tells a unique story.

Written from a highly personal viewpoint, 25 Walks in Myanmar is your companion in a series of urban strolls that open up new worlds which would otherwise remain unknown. Now is the time to explore Myanmar and Kenneth Barrett is your knowledgeable guide to an unforgettable journey through Asia's most fascinating land.