75 Ways for Managers to Hire, Develop, and Keep Great Employees

Your company’s success hinges on hiring, inspiring, and keeping the right people. You can’t afford to not get staffing right!
ISBN10: 0814436692
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Number Of Pages: 336
Publication Date: 20160614
Publisher: ThomasNelson
Binding: Paperback
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Products and services will change with demand, but one thing that will always be required for a company’s success is having the right people working hard for you. As a manager, are you cultivating this vital resource? Is there more you could be doing? In this accessible and practical playbook, HR expert and author Paul Falcone helps take the guesswork out of this crucial element for success, showing managers how to:• Identify the best and brightest talent• Hire for organizational compatibility• Address uncomfortable workplace situations• Create an environment that motivates• Retain restless top performers• Delegate in a way that develops your staff• And much more!Every HR executive has a laundry list of things they wish managers knew--best practices that would enable the entire organization to operate more effectively. Falcone’s book 75 Ways for Managers to Hire, Develop, and Keep Great Employees has encapsulated all of this for you in a single indispensable resource!