100 Ways to Make Sex Sensational

How do you avoid the seven year itch, the urge to cheat, or divorce? Learn how to flavor your lovemaking with adventurous variety so you feel little need to search for fulfillment outside your committed relationship.

ISBN10: 0883911590
ISBN13: 9780883911594
Number Of Pages: 239
Publication Date: 20101011
Publisher: IPG
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9780883911594
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No other book so insightfully explores the art of passionate, safe sex for couples in life-long commitments. Here is a guide that applies sensitivity and compassion to increase the pleasures and benefits of a loving sexual relationship. It combines the best of romance, love and communication with sex. Essential steps are provided to achieve passionate, intimate and safe lovemaking for caring couples. This book is for those couples looking to heighten their enjoyment together. No longer will they seek pleasure beyond each other. Safe sex can be one hundred times better than changing partners one hundred times. The secret is to enjoy monogamy without monotony.