40 and Still Fabulous

ISBN10: 1741107121
ISBN13: 9781741107128
Number Of Pages: 192
Publication Date: 20090101
Publisher: IPG
Binding: Paperback
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In days gone by turning 40 meant slowing down, emptying your nest and lamenting the passing of your youth. But today, many forty somethings are just as likely to be marrying for the first time, starting a family, launching their own business, or getting that top job in a major international corporation. Forty, it seems, is the new 30.As entertaining as it is informative, Forty and Still Fabulous gives fortysomething women all the tools they need to keep looking and feeling fantastic through what will probably be the most rewarding years of their lives. Health and lifestyle journalist Joanna E. Hall asks the top international experts about improving and caring for fortysomething skin and gets the inside scoop on hair, fashion and makeup. She tackles the pros and cons of cosmetic rejuvenation (surgical and otherwise) and reveals all about the most effective diet and fitness techniques. Sex, health and happiness are also on the agenda, as well as the best ways to manage money and how to face the singles scene.