A B-17 Gunner's Hell in German Skies

ISBN10: 1931741247
ISBN13: 9781931741248
Number Of Pages: 70
Publication Date: 20100101
Publisher: IPG
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781931741248
The Messerschmitt ME 163 Komet was the most dangerous production fighter ever built by Germany, and Sgt. E.R. Jones of Stockton, California received the unique credit of jointly shooting down a Komet over Germany in 1944.Using information written by Sgt. Jones in a tiny diary notebook provided by Sgt. Jones' widow, Mae Jones, and microfilm file material obtained from the U.S. Air Force Historical Research Agency at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, this book by Doug Brodie is a fascinating account of aerial warfare over Europe during World War II. Also included are original aerial warfare photos obtained from Henrietta Massey of Jefferson City, Missouri, the widow of Air Force photographer Gerald R. Massey who took photos while flying in U.S. bombers high in the sky over Europe. During the course of his research, Doug Brodie discovered that Massey and Jones flew the same mission on November 2, 1944 in a raid over Mersburg, Germany.