A Cat and Mouse Pact

Salam, Nayera - Abboud, Teresa

ISBN10: 0996245782
ISBN13: 9780996245784
Number Of Pages: 24
Publication Date: 20170601
Publisher: IPG
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9780996245784
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When Matt, the orange tabby cat, sees Millie, the little gray mouse, he can’t decide between being mean or nice. After all, he must catch any mouse who sneaks inside the neat red brick house of old Mrs. Krouse. Millie pleads for a slice of cheese. Matt listens and thinks. They make a cat and mouse pact, build a friendship and become pals.

From beginning to end, children and adults will be intrigued by the book’s message, the enchanting creatures, and the vivid imagery. Book's message: Resolve issues peacefully! With attached puzzle!