A Chip Off the Old Black

ISBN10: 1550175106
ISBN13: 9781550175103
Number Of Pages: 288
Publication Date: 20100928
Publisher: IPG
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9781550175103
Arthur Black's voice is unmistakable on the radio and on the page. His is the voice of reason, with a generous helping of funny; the voice that scolds us for our universal human quirks, but who says it with the tone and words that make us laugh out loud at ourselves and our neighbours.

A Chip Off the Old Black, Black's latest collection of stories, will knock a sense of humour into any reader, boasting nearly a hundred tales featuring everything from yarnbombing to Bambi, from Black's love of the Farmer's Almanac to his loathing of snowmobiles and his . . . problem . . . with David Suzuki. With a talent for ranting, minus the malice, Black sticks up for the chocolate-covered marshmallow confection of New Zealand--
the politically-incorrect "Eskimo" candies. Those inclined to kvetching--a Yiddish word describing the tendency to complain persistently about everything--may just reconsider after reading A Chip Off the Old Black. After all, as Black demonstrates, it's far more enjoyable to take the opportunity to laugh.