A Deer of Nine Colors

ISBN10: 1602209766
ISBN13: 9781602209763
Number Of Pages: 32
Publication Date: 20100910
Publisher: Tuttle
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781602209763
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Kids will love this colorfully illustrated Chinese fairytale.

In ancient times, a man drowning in a river was rescued by a deer shaded with nine colors. In exchange for his life, the man promises not to talk about the deer's whereabouts. Later, the man reached an imperial palace where the king insisted on hunting down the deer to make clothes out of the deer skin. The man could not resist the opportunity for profit and led them to the same spot as before. He falls back into the water, hoping the deer would show up to rescue him. But this time, the man drowns and the warriors' arrows turn to dust, leaving the deer unharmed.