A Father, A Hero

ISBN10: 1414390130
ISBN13: 9781414390130
Publication Date: 20180508
Publisher: Tyndale
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9781414390130
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A perfect gift for the dad in your life.
A father often serves behind the scenes—confidently, humbly, faithfully. But younger generations are watching, and his example sets the course for a bright future. His role is irreplaceable, his leadership commendable. He’s a commonplace hero deserving nothing short of noble recognition.

In A Father, A Hero, Dr. James Dobson invites you to experience the rich blessings of fathers and families. These heartwarming stories by a variety of authors, accompanied by teachings and reflections from Dr. Dobson, will inspire you as they evoke your own special memories.

Honor the everyday heroism of a devoted father with this heartwarming tribute to the man who has led boldly, served faithfully, and loved sincerely.