An Invitation to Freedom

Written by the highly celebrated spiritual teacher and world-renowned Advaita master Mooji, this book presents ancient wisdom in a beautiful, easy-to-understand, accessible gift package. With simple reflections, questions, meditations, and Mooji’s own art sprinkled throughout, this gem of a book will gently guide readers from all walks of life toward an authentic awakening—the truth that we are all one, and that what we’re searching for, we already are.
ISBN10: 1684033403
ISBN13: 9781684033409
Number Of Pages: 88
Publication Date: 20181001
Publisher: NewHarbinger
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781684033409
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A master key to true self-discovery

Amidst the busyness and chaos of our daily lives, many of us search for meaning, fulfillment, and a genuine sense of who we really are beyond our ego and conditioning.

An Invitation to Freedom guides you toward the immediate, authentic awakening that so many of us seek—the realization of our true nature as pure, effortless awareness. These simple yet profound instructions, questions, and contemplations will lead you directly into the heart of truth and absolute freedom. This could be the greatest discovery you make in your life.

Also available as an audiobook read by Mooji.