Balinese Dance, Drama & Music

ISBN10: 0804841837
ISBN13: 9780804841832
Number Of Pages: 112
Publication Date: 20110310
Publisher: Tuttle
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9780804841832
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This lavishly illustrated book covers all of the exquisite forms of traditional performing arts in Bali—from gamelan music to ritual dance, dramas and puppetry.

Ideal reading for visitors to the island, as well as anyone interested in dance, world music and Balinese culture, this book presents the history and function of each type of performance through more than 250 watercolor illustrations and full-color photos. It discusses how Bali's rich history is seen throughout the performances—from ancient sacred ceremonies and Balinese religion (which is a blend of different ones) to Balinese tales, and even magic.

Introductory sections discuss the way performing arts are taught in Bali, the principal Balinese cultural values that are passed on in these forms, and the basic religious ideas and cultural tenets that are expressed through the arts. Subsequent chapters each describe a particular form of the art, such as Gamelan Gong Keybar, Gambuh, Legong, Kecak, Baris, Wayang Kulit and the new phenomenon of children's and women's performing groups. Readers will learn more about the evolution of each practice and style, as well as its place in Balinese culture.