Beginning Go

ISBN10: 4805309555
ISBN13: 9784805309551
Number Of Pages: 160
Publication Date: 20080215
Publisher: Tuttle
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9784805309551
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The must-have resource guidebook for those looking to learn the ancient Asian game of Go

Beginning Go is a clear, concise and thorough introduction to the intricacies of Go that is perfect for first time players. The straightforward, easy-to-follow instructions and detailed examples make it simple to understand how to play. Players will learn the rules, how to keep score, as well as effective winning strategies and tactics to make the game more competitive and fun.

By the time players finish the instructional sections, they'll have all the confidence, skill and techniques they'll need to enjoy playing this fascinating game. What's more, Go's unique handicapping system, which the book explains, allows even absolute beginners to play competitive games with experienced players.