Beyond Anxiety and Phobia

From the author of PHO3.

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Number Of Pages: 264
Publication Date: 20010227
Publisher: NewHarbinger
Binding: Paperback
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Panic attacks, phobias, and other problems with anxiety have been effectively treated with cognitive behavioral therapy and medication for many years. Now even more help for these conditions is available. In Beyond Anxiety & Phobia, Dr. Edmund J. Bourne (author of the best-selling Anxiety & Phobia Workbook) offers a full spectrum of complimentary approaches that get to the heart of anxiety and phobia and go beyond standard treatments and medication.

In this book you will find guidelines and strategies that can help you to:

•Reduce anxiety by simplifying your lifestyle and environment.
•Uncover core personality traits and fears that perpetuate anxiety.
•Discover purpose in your life that helps overcome a sense of meaninglessness.
•Embrace spirituality to change both your perspective on your problem and your ability to heal it.
•Create a vision of your recovery that will attract a positive outcome.
•Use alternative methods such as herbs, diet, yoga, massage, and acupuncture for greater relaxation and ease in your life.
•Practice mediation so you can learn to witness rather than simply react to anxiety and fear.

Dr. Bourne has helped many of his clients achieve a more complete and lasting recovery in overcoming difficulties with anxiety by combining these methods with conventional treatment.