Chinese Children's Favorite Stories

ISBN10: 0804850178
ISBN13: 9780804850179
Number Of Pages: 96
Publication Date: 20180911
Publisher: Tuttle
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9780804850179
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Chinese Children's Favorite Stories is a delightful selection of thirteen Chinese folktales as retold by author and illustrator Mingmei Yip. Inspired by her beloved father's nightly story-telling when she was a child, Yip hopes that by retelling some of these thousand-year-old Chinese stories she can pass along Chinese folklore and fables to international readers of all ages.

These beautifully illustrated tales give children in other countries a glimpse into the traditions and culture of China, while emphasizing universal lessons about being kind and successfully overcoming obstacles. Readers will encounter many delightful characters—from an angry dragon to a wise cow—in stories such as:

  • The Dream of the Butterfly—A sweet tale about accepting who you are and fully appreciating the world around you
  • Carp Jumping Over the Dragon Gate—A popular story about the rewards of hard work
  • Playing the Qin for the Water Buffalo—A musical tale that highlights empathy and understanding
  • And many more!

Recommended for children ages five to ten.