Clinical Behavior Analysis

Clinical behavior analysis uses verbally based interventions to treat a range of psychological problems in an outpatient context. This volume offers a collection of current research in this rapidly expanding field, with a special focus on acceptance issues in therapy and the importance of the therapeutic relationship.
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Publication Date: 20000401
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In the past decade, an increasing number of scholars and practitioners have contributed to the developing field of clinical behavior analysis. These writers have drawn upon long-standing behavior analytic principles and recent advances in verbal behavior research to explain the development of a variety of clinical disorders, advocate alternative approaches to clinical assessment and classification, develop new therapeutic interventions, and suggest new treatment goals. The field has grown enormously and it is fair to say that clinical behavior analysis has made some unique contributions to the fields of psychopathology, clinical assessment, and psychotherapy. The purpose of Clinical Behavior Analysis is to bring together in a single place a sampling of the work that constitutes the growing field of clinical behavior analysis.