Dancing Naked

A psychologist who specializes in career counseling and personal development helps reader understand the emotional aspects of searching for a new job and learn how to identify and get beyond the issues that prevent them from finding and growing with work they really love.

ISBN10: 1572241845
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Number Of Pages: 262
Publication Date: 20000101
Publisher: NewHarbinger
Binding: Paperback
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Experts tell us that job seekers frequently end up spending up to twenty-seven weeks looking for a job. That's time for a lot of thoughts to go through anyone's mind, and job seekers often start to suspect that their emotional ups and downs are derailing their search.

According to psychologist Robert Chope, the truth is that unemployment can create a full-blown identity crisis, and job seekers may undergo a grieving process similar to grief over a death or a terminal illness. In Dancing Naked, he offers eight rules that can help you weather the job search, including accepting the instability of the job market. Identify your fears and pinpoint your goals before you even start looking. Learn to tap contacts and other resources effectively. Exercise your imagination while hunting for a position, and use the book's simple techniques to minimize stress in your life.