Depression and Your Thyroid

A thyroid specialist and a psychologist that specializes in depression team up to provide the person suffering with a thyroid disorder this first ever combined medical and cognitive-behavioral approach to overcome the depression that arises from this problem.
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Number Of Pages: 216
Publication Date: 20060303
Publisher: NewHarbinger
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What You Need to Know About the Depression-Thyroid Connection

Thyroid and psychological health are often linked. If you develop a thyroid condition, you may also become depressed. This depression can lead to more problems with your thyroid which, in turn, can lead to further depression-a vicious cycle that is difficult to treat unless the problem is addressed on several levels.

Now you can determine whether the depression you're feeling may be connected to a thyroid problem. The authors of this book, a medical doctor and a psychologist, guide you through the facts about thyroid disorders, what the thyroid hormone does, and how it functions in relation to your psychological well-being. You'll learn a number of diet and lifestyle changes you can combine with conventional medical treatment to help correct a thyroid condition. You'll also learn psychological strategies you can use to overcome the depression that can result from a thyroid condition-thought monitoring, stress reduction, relationship enhancement, and more.