Derived Relational Responding Applications for Learners with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities

By implementing the techniques described in Derived Relational Responding, techniques based on a breakthrough new understanding of how humans acquire and use language, clinicians can make significant progress with their clients with autism and other developmental disabilities, limiting the loss of cognitive and social functioning that typically results from these conditions.

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Publication Date: 20090402
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Copublished with Context Press

Derived Relational Responding offers a series of revolutionary intervention programs for applied work in human language and cognition targeted at students with autism and other developmental disabilities. It presents a program drawn from derived stimulus relations that you can use to help students of all ages acquire foundational and advanced verbal, social, and cognitive skills.

The first part of Derived Relational Responding provides step-by-step instructions for helping students learn relationally, acquire rudimentary verbal operants, and develop other basic language skills. In the second section of this book, you'll find ways to enhance students' receptive and expressive repertoires by developing their ability to read, spell, construct sentences, and use grammar. Finally, you'll find out how to teach students to apply the skills they've learned to higher order cognitive and social functions, including perspective-taking, empathy, mathematical reasoning, intelligence, and creativity. This applied behavior analytic training approach will help students make many substantial and lasting gains in language and cognition not possible with traditional interventions.