Everyday Enlightenment

ISBN10: 0955829038
ISBN13: 9780955829031
Number Of Pages: 128
Publication Date: 20080725
Publisher: NewHarbinger
Binding: Paperback
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Sally Bongers, the distinguished Australian cinematographer, compiled these interviews while researching subjects for a documentary film on Enlightenment. Initially she sought out established spiritual teachers, but her emphasis changed to interviewing ordinary people who had experienced a shift of perception which, in the Eastern tradition, would be called Enlightenment or Liberation. She found men and women who still live their lives much as they had done before the realization, working and living in the everyday world. Seven of their stories were chosen for this book. Hearing these people talk about living with this understanding in the real world (not in an ice-cave somewhere!) confirmed the closeness of it all. These stories make it clear that Enlightenment can “happen” to anyone, regardless of so-called spiritual qualifications.