Elias, Noah

#Fearhunters shows you how to stop living spread too thin, exhausted, and afraid of life. I show you how to clear your heart and mind to make room for peace, love, and compassion for yourself. I define the enemy and show you what you’ve been fighting, and how to go on the offense to hunt. Once these tools are in place, we discuss how to steward a meaningful life rather than simply a "successful" life.

Processes throughout the book:
1) Dismantling the Fake Identity
2) Establishing Your True Identity
3) Moving in Your Authority
4) Living Out Your Calling

ISBN10: 1942306814
ISBN13: 9781942306818
Number Of Pages: 270
Publication Date: 20170213
Publisher: IPG
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9781942306818

Our thought-life defines our identity and how we see ourself. What we believe dictates our actions, and our actions become habits. We all face enemies from our past: guilt, shame, and fear that are born from negative circumstances which have created wounds. These wounds can birth lies that we agree with over time that cripples our thinking, nagging us into an ineffective life. Our family, career, and relationships suffer as a result. Freedom from these strongholds in our mind can be achieved, and #fearhunters is here to provide strategies and targets to help eliminate the shame and guilt that stand between you and the life you are meant to live.