Feeding the Starving Mind

In Feeding the Starving Mind, a clinical psychologist and eating disorder specialist presents a program designed to help the older teen or adult with low-weight eating disorders like anorexia nervosa develop healthy eating habits and cope with chronic anxiety.

ISBN10: 1572245840
ISBN13: 9781572245846
Number Of Pages: 256
Publication Date: 20090201
Publisher: NewHarbinger
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781572245846

Starvation eating disorders such as anorexia not only affect your body, but also take a devastating toll on your mind. Constantly feeling anxious about your weight, your appearance, and your self-worth can leave you mentally exhausted. And no matter how thin you become, it's impossible to be happy when you are controlled by anxious and obsessive thoughts.

If you're ready to stop letting your eating disorder run your life, Feeding the Starving Mind can help. As you work through the program in this book, you'll discover the source of your eating disorder, identify the compulsive thoughts that contribute to it, and take steps toward developing a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

•Develop a personal eating disorder profile•Learn how to eat without purging and restore your weight •Learn cognitive behavior therapy skills for managing weight-related anxiety and fear•Create a treatment plan to restore your health and happiness•Keep destructive thoughts and patterns of behavior from coming back