Financial Control and Enterprise Management

ISBN10: 8170338565
ISBN13: 9788170338567
Number Of Pages: 232
Publication Date: 20040101
Publisher: IPG
Binding: Hardback
SKU: 9788170338567
"The introduction of financial controls in the corporate enterprises was necessitated by the funds crunch faced by corporate majors. The public sector has accepted the need for introducing financial controls for overcoming resource deficit and superior utilisation of available resources. Financial controls is an evolving term and includes techniques such as internal audit, business budgeting, transfer pricing, financial management information system, and responsibility accounting. The present book incorporates discussions at length on the first two techniques and studies their application in the context of the state level public enterprises through live case studies. It also throws light on the potential of internal audit and budgeting as change management tools for the corporate world and public sector. This book would be useful for the students of post-graduate courses in business administration, financial management, chartered accountancy, cost accountancy, and company secretaryship."