Helping Your Angry Child

This interactive, self-help workbook is for parents who need practical responses to their children's anger. Illustrations & charts.
ISBN10: 1572243120
ISBN13: 9781572243125
Number Of Pages: 208
Publication Date: 20030310
Publisher: NewHarbinger
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781572243125
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Helping Your Angry Child, written by three leading anger researchers, is an interactive, self-help workbook written for you, the parent, with real-world solutions for helping your child deal with anger and rage. Based on over ten years of clinical study and experience, the authors learned that when a child exresses anger, most likely the parent takes it personally and gets caught in negative reactions.

This new book teaches essential skills that will put you safely back in your parental role, helping you and your child cope with anger in healthy ways. Included are many interactive worksheets that will help the entire family by practicing these new skills feel closer and more unified. You will learn how to:

•Teach your child anger-management skills
•Relate to others within the family when strong emotions arise
•Understand, recognize, label, and deal with the anger a child expresses
•Listen without reacting to a child’s anger, and
•Always be prepared to be a good parent